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The "Take the Stage! Theater Workshop" is designed to give students a chance to explore the many different elements of theater (including performance, props, costumes, lights, sets, etc) while rehearsing for a final performance at the end of the workshop. While all students will perform in the production, they will also play a part in the design of costumes, sets and props so that they can “take the stage” (in more ways than one!) at the final performance. Interspersed in all this will also be classes in acting, singing and dancing. Our hope is that our students will get "bit" by the theater bug, whether that is as a performer, designer or creator!


Check back for more details as we embark on this exciting new endeavor! Email danielhutchins@cictheaterco.org to find out how YOU can get involved!

UP NEXT: Godspell, JR with Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy!