The staff of the CIC Theater Company have a strong blend of organization and artistry. Lead by the artistic director, their responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of season selection

  • Casting, staging, and producing the productions

  • Marketing and outreach organization

  • Day to day operations of the company.

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The board, led by chairman Daniel Hutchins III, is the governing body of the company. Their responsibilities include:

  • Review and approve mission, purpose, strategic plan and major programs

  • Provide support to the artistic director and staff

  • Monitor the major activities of the Company and evaluate effectiveness

  • Provide oversight and approval of the annual budget and tax reporting

Chairman: Daniel Hutchins III

Executive Director: Daniel Hutchins IV

Members: Sherry Hutchins, MiMi Scardulla (Artistic Associate), Kevin Morris, Liz Erardi and Annie Scardulla, Esquire (Legal)