Create. Inspire. Change. Theater Company started when Daniel Hutchins IV (producing artistic director) produced and directed an outreach-oriented production of Disney’s On the Record. His aim was not only to have the show performed for the paying public, but to also have it performed for children in the Boston area who would not normally have the means to see a live performance. The “always chase your dreams” theme of the show proved that the most important part of the “creative” process was “inspiring” the local children to never lose their imaginations or themselves as unique individuals and to “change” the stigma of theater being financially unavailable to most urban children; thus forming the name of our company.


Expanding from their original programming, CIC now offers:

-Take a Step: Outreach Events, geared towards exposing low-income students and their families to professional caliber performances.  See our Take a Step page for more information! 

-Take the Stage: Theater Workshop, the natural "next step" to the Take a Step Program, Take the Stage gets students out of the seats and up onto the stage!

CIC works with organizations in the Metro-Boston area, and is expanding to the Greater Metrowest area.




Fall 2018: Season Four 

Thank you for your interest in the Create. Inspire. Change. Theater Company!


Outreach has always been incredibly important to me. As a child, I was unbearably shy and had the hardest time “finding my voice.” I struggled relating to other kids, which caused me to have very few friends. Once my father encouraged me to take part in my first production of Fiddler on the Roof, I found a way to express myself in a language that really unlocked what was going on for me. Now that I have graduated from the Boston Conservatory and am working as a full time teacher, I see how vital it is for other kids to also be inspired to use theater as a method of expression.


In 2014, I directed an outreach production of Disney’s On the Record, a new musical based on Disney classics. The production was geared toward underserved children with the proceeds going to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. This was a show I had wanted to direct for a long time, so I was grateful that a project I was passionate about could make a difference. After the curtain fell in the final performance, we all felt like we could do more, but needed a new platform. That new platform was the Create. Inspire. Change. (CIC) Theater Company. We are lucky to have a wonderful staff and board who are dedicated to the mission of CIC.  Most of the staff have been with the company from the beginning, and it’s incredibly rewarding to continue this journey with them.


I am ecstatic to be rolling out our new program, the Take the Stage! Theater Workshop! As the natural next step after attending one of our Outreach Events, the Take the Stage! Theater Workshop, will give budding actors and actresses a chance to try their hand at performing.  The workshop will be spent rehearsing for a fully realized production, is interspersed with master classes, and is focused on getting the students involved in all elements of the production, so they can truly “take the stage!”  This will allow us to have a lasting impact on our student’s lives, teaching them skills such as communication, leadership and creative problem solving. While this is a major undertaking, I am elated to see where it goes!


Our upcoming Mainstage season begins with a concert version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid and finishing with The Wizard of Oz.  Both of these stories are “classics” in their own right, and I believe both our students and families will enjoy the shows and their messages. 


I see great things in the CIC Theater Company’s future. This mission is near and dear not only to my heart, but also to the hearts of the members of the company making us an unstoppable team. We cannot wait to see what is to come as we continue to expose more youth to the magic of theater. As one of my favorite creators, inspirers, and—most importantly—changers, Walt Disney, once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” It has been a dream of mine to create this company for a long time, and I am looking forward to seeing its success and growth in the coming years.




Daniel R. Hutchins IV

Producing Artistic Director