We hope that you will consider giving to CIC this year for "Giving Tuesday" (next Tuesday, November 28th). All proceeds go directly towards bringing theater to kids in the Greater Boston area! We thank you in advance for your generosity.

We would be eternally grateful for any sponsorship, and are willing to offer the following benefits with each level of sponsorship:

$1-$99: Dreamer (Contribution acknowledged in performance playbill)

$100-$499: Creator (A pair of complimentary tickets to production of your choice and 

contribution acknowledged in performance playbill)

$500-$999: Inspirer (Free half page advertisement in our playbill, four (4) complimentary 

tickets to production of your choice, and contribution acknowledged in performance playbill)

$1,000 & Up: Changer (A pair of tickets to every production in our season, free full page 

advertisement in our playbill, and billed as “producer” in performance playbill)

**The Create. Inspire. Change Theatre Corporation is designated a 501(c) organization by the IRS. Charitable contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by state and federal law.

Do you have donation related questions? Just want more information?

Contact Liz Erardi, Chair of Donor Relations, at liz.cictheaterco@gmail.com.

Donate today!

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